Monday, October 24, 2011

Lantana - Alissa Duke

Lantana - a noxious weed around the world.

This is from a vacant lot next door to me in inner city Sydney. But this is the same plant that I remember coming across when hiking in National Parks in Queensland when I was young. We would walk on trails, but these plants would be by the trailside, scratching and ripping at any bare legs, their prickly leaves sticking to jeans. All of these memories came back to me as I handled and drew it.


  1. That's Lantana alright. You've captured it perfectly, Alissa. When I was a child I used to suck the honey out of the bottom of the flowers. Shocking weed to get rid of though. I'm often shocked to see what expat English people plant in their gardens here in Tuscany - Lantana, Pampas Grass and Morning Glory! I warn them that the Summer climate here has quite a bit in common with that in Australia and they may well come to regret it. I hate to think how much money it has cost us to keep the Morning Glory under control on the cliff below our Sydney house.

  2. I know it's a weed; but the butterflies and hummingbirds love the nectar. And there are birds such as the mockingbird that love the seeds. So I allow it to grow around the edges of the garden here in Florida. It's work it.

  3. Here in VA people pay money for this plant. It's not considered invasive here and is an annual. It's often used in hanging baskets. Lovely sketch of it Alissa.


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