Saturday, October 15, 2011

Apple Picking Time

Quick Apple sketch with coloured pencils.
Copyright Paula Kuitenbrouwer, photo Thomas Kluck

Yesterday there were many apples scattered on the lawn.
It was time to collect them.
Mmmm…the apples tasted sweet and fresh.
Apples from your own garden look so much different from the ones in supermarkets. Our apples look damaged by the sun and they have bumps or scars from sweeping branches. They wear no varnish. They aren’t polished nor sprayed with paint. They look natural.
Without an apple tree in your garden you would almost forget how a natural an apple looks (and tastes).
Paula Kuitenbrouwer (Belgium) at Mindful-Drawing


  1. Your apple captures the freshness of one just picked up. Very nice.

  2. Paula, it's luscious! Thank you for posting.

  3. Beautiful sketch! and how lucky you are to have your own apple tree. You are so right about the difference between these and store-bought ones.


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