Thursday, September 29, 2011

Swallows from Europe to Africa

Ormai molte rondini hanno lasciato l'Europa per l'Africa, le ultime notti sui canneti e via in volo attraverso il Mediterraneo. Immagino che adesso più o meno si accingano a superare il deserto, la parte più dura del viaggio, poi troveranno nuovi canneti dove trascorrere le notti africane...

By now many swallows have left Europe for Africa, the last few nights on the reeds and in flight across the Mediterranean. I guess now, more or less, they are about to exceed the desert, the hardest part of the journey, then  they'll find new reeds to spend nights in Africa ...


  1. Both these pieces are really lovely. I always feel a little sad when the swallows leave for winter.

  2. Our swallows are spending their winter in California. Nice sketch. I like the harmonizing colors

  3. Yep, gone....we haven't seen them since 2 or 3 weeks. Great to see your beautiful paintings. And wishing the swallows a safe journey.

  4. Sandro, this is BEAUTIFUL. I love swallows, and you've really captured those distinctive shapes.


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