Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Pumpkin, A Screech Owl

I wish I could say I found this little screech owl out in the woods, but, no. "Pumpkin" lives at Wildlife Safari where my husband and I volunteer. In the early morning she likes to bask in the sunshine. There is glass between us and she is used to people standing only inches away. This morning I couldn't resist pausing to sketch her.
While I was sketching a keeper entered the space Pumpkin shares with a tortoise. Even though the keeper was farther away from her than I was, the little owl skinnied down and glared at the intrusion. Soon after the keeper left she fluffed back up and continued sunning. I find it interesting that Pumpkin is very aware of the protection a glass wall offers.

I've taken on a challenge to draw at least one pen and ink drawing per day (no pencil first!) for 75 days. I've gotten away from sketching directly with a pen and I do believe it is excellent practice. This is #2.


  1. How interesting, Elva! And a beautiful job, you captured the personality!

  2. Elva, these ink sketches remind me of the glorious British illustrations of my childhood's books.They're wonderful!

  3. These are great Elva. I love the attitude you captured especially in the second one. I can just imagine that withering look he was giving the intrusive keeper. And good for you to attempt the 75 ink sketches. That's a great goal.


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