Sunday, September 25, 2011

La vie en rose

Unfortunately, due to an unexpected last minute, I had to cancel my trip and I could not attend the XVI CIO (Meeting of Italian Ornithologists) of which I designed the logo and image for T-shirt ...: ((
I'm so sorry, can not be in the jury, as expected, and not being able to expose some paintings, including this and another that will remain unpublished until next time ... When the organizers of CIO have asked for a flamingo for the T-shirt, was in November (2010) where to find flamingos so close in November when I have to travel one day and two children in tow?
I do not like zoos, but we went to NaturaViva Park near Verona where I took some pictures of flamingos in the yard, including the one from which I "got" the flamingo ... interpreting it and a little disheveled '! ! My idea of a flamingo is related to its elegant contortion and the delicacy of the color of its plumage.
The ring could not miss it! The title, perhaps, has been guessed: I saw also taken on an article by Oasis, italian magazine, (a few months ago) about migration of the Flamingos!


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