Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Insects Everywhere!

I was in a contemplative mood when I noticed all the insect presence at the shed...and decided to sketch as much as I had time for.

This is a nifty little pen that has a very sharp nib...lots of detail possible.  Here you see bagworms and galls and all kinds of chewings!
*Here's a link to my review of the nifty little pen--I actually cut the long desk-pen type end off to make the cap fit.

Can you see the gall up on the twig?  That's some insect's home...it damages the plant and provides the young with food, so I'm told...

Not even the poison ivy was immune!

Oak leaves have lots of tiny nips along with huge bites...voracious nature!

Gooseberry leaves provided someone with a good dinner...

Trumpet vine leaves were nearly transparent with dessicated sections...


  1. Beautiful work, I like the idea of assembling different parts ...

  2. Very nice...and thanks for this site, it is an inspiration.

    I'm trying to find time to start teaching myself to sketch. You mention that the "nifty" pen....Where does one find this pen?

  3. Cathy, I love the work you do with that pen.

  4. Thank you! I found it at Jetpens...you can read about it in my review, here: http://artistsjournalworkshop.blogspot.com/2011/06/yet-another-new-pen.html

  5. Sherlock Holmes looking for the culprit, and providing an identikit too! Thanks for the post, it teaches to look out for the apparently insignificant.And that art can be based on it...

  6. This site is so much more than sketches! Thanks for the naturalist lesson.

  7. Thank you both! Paula, that's definitely what I like to see on this blog...I want us to LEARN! Painlessly, too!

  8. I think these are simply marvelous! and educational too.

  9. Beautiful!! I love the information too


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