Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Ballycotton Lighthouse

Hiya all, customer wasn't keen on the previous sketches so tried a couple more. What do you all think?


  1. I like No. 6, but heyho...they are all good.

  2. Phil, I've spent much of my career designing logos and there are a few of things to think about:
    1. Does it work in black and white? There may be occasions for the client to use it that way. If it doesn't work, there's probably not enough contrast and no amount of beautiful colors will help it.
    2. How small will the logo be used? Does it still "read" at the small size? If not, try simplifying the design.
    3. Be sure you like all the ones you present because, invariably the client will choose your least favorite!
    Words of wisdom from a 35-yr veteran. Use them as you see fit.

  3. Definitely number 6. Number five looks odd because the point of interest is disappearing out of the image: the boat. In number 6 the eye is drawn across the image in the direction the boat is traveling. The lighthouse also looks better proportioned.

  4. I would simplify, abstract like in shorthand; they want a logo, probably not a landscape. Your studies, in my point of view, are a good starting point, but you might want to get closer rather than far away, get a detail of the lamp, for instance; and I back Paula's suggestions.
    Keep squeezing the juice out of it!And have fun.


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