Thursday, September 8, 2011

Autumn Signs

Autumn Signs by Teri DC
Autumn Signs, a photo by Teri DC on Flickr.

It was COLD when I went for my 6am walk the other day! Knowing the leaves were going to be turning soon I looked for some and found these. Had to paint them right after breakfast or they would curl up.

Happy warm Autumn Day to you.


  1. Hi Teri! Wow! 37 in D.C.? already? Autumn is definitely here. Your leaves are lovely. Autumn colors are so much fun to paint, aren't they?

  2. No Paula, I am in Wisconsin and that temp is not unusual at all. :)

  3. That joke is on me. I've always thought "Teri DC" was you and where you lived (like I sometimes say Paula in VA). So now that I know, all I can say is brrrrr.... ;-)

  4. I love your leaves, especially the speckled bottom one. You make them come alive with your nice shadows. I had you in the west, probable New Mexico because of the cactus theme. I'm having a geographical adjustment here. Makes your comment about your hummingbirds being gone make more sense!

  5. Hi Teri,

    I see you have cyberspace confused as to your whereabouts! I'm chuckling.

    Your leaves make me homesick for Wisconsin in the fall. Here we are having and endless string of 90+ degree days.

  6. Lol, let me clear this up, I am in Wisconsin during the summer and Arizona during the winter. I use Teri DC on Flicker because they wouldn't let me have my user name as Teri C. And it's still cold. Lol


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