Sunday, August 28, 2011

Monarda In The Fall

Monarda In The Fall by Teri DC
Monarda In The Fall, a photo by Teri DC on Flickr.
My Monarda grew like gangbusters this summer and when I saw what was left at the end, I wanted to paint them with their few petals left. Kind of sad when any flower comes to the end. I wish I had a painted them when they were in full bloom but my summer was spent worrying about my eye.


  1. These are such fun flowers. Lovely colors!

  2. I can almost smell that spice scent...and oh dear, why didn't I know about your eye?!

  3. Kate, i had scar tissue on my retina removed on July 29 and they fixed a cataract while they were in there. My vision had been getting progressively worse in the last few years. After a month, the healing has been great and I am even getting some depth perception back. Eyes are so precious that I worried myself sick before surgery. Now I am a happy camper as the healing continues and my vision keeps improving.

  4. I'm relieved, Teri! Yes, when I tore my retina and was seeing black snow and flashes, I was scared silly! 280 laser stitches later, I'm good...

  5. Your sketch is beautifully done. I've never seen or heard of these plants before. Interesting.


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