Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Recently I visited this butterflies installation at a modern art museum here in Rome. A small glass house, full of tropical plants and butterflies, it turned out to be the perfect place for a nature sketcher.
Butterflies have beautiful geometric designs, have stunning colours, they build superb chrysalis and stand quite still for long enough periods of time. I used a home made sketching pad with hot pressed Arches paper, graphite pencils, black markers and an small outdoor watercolour set.

For more info: http://en.macro.roma.museum/mostre_ed_eventi/mostre/are_you_really_sure_that_a_floor_can_t_also_be_a_ceiling


  1. Barbara, these are absolutely stunning...beautiful, expressive lines and shapes, wonderful information.

  2. I went to that exhibition too, quite unprepared for the heat and humidity and the crowds of loud people...and didn't come out with much.You did some really wonderful work there!

  3. Brava Barbara!! Piacciono tanto anche a me!

  4. Maybe it's because I enjoy the environment inside those glass houses, Concetta. Glad you like them

  5. These are wonderful sketches. I like how there is some color and some just in greys.


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