Monday, July 18, 2011

Full of Freckles Moon

Full Buck (male deer sprout their antlers this month) Full Thunder (as lightening storms are most frequent this month) and Full Hay (as Haying is underway, and perhaps well into the night with a full moon).
Hastily done, as I spotted the full moon on the way home from Harry Potter Finale (wonderful, but sad to see it end). And my masking of the little moon failed me, so there are freckles on this full moon!
Sandra Rice


  1. I love the moon and I love this!I so want to see Harry Ptter,, just waiting for the crowds to die down a bit

  2. Lovely. The moon crept into my window late last night but it was too too dark and dense to capture the way you did.

  3. I'm also sorry the full moon's finishing now Sandy, you've captured it beautifully here!

  4. Lovely and fun at the same time, Sandy. Freckles! Sorry your mask failed, but so happy you shared :)


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