Monday, July 4, 2011

Flies, Flies, Flies -- Laura Gillis

This is my first post from home on my new internet service! Now I won’t have to go to the office early to post or wait until lunch to post! I am finally rid of the dreaded dial-up connection and I am not sure how I ever survived. Ha!

I have a few summer flies today... first is the Mayfly (which is not really a fly at all). These are such pretty little insects. The thing I find most interesting is that this Mayfly was at my house the other night. They are usually found close to water and water is getting pretty scarce around this part of Texas right now. We have been so long without rain that all fireworks were banned this year and only 9 Texas counties are not in a burn ban.

Sorry, I got off track.... back to the Mayflies.... trout love these insects and when I was up in Yellowstone a few years back, I bought several flies for fly fishing that look like various insects. I have still never been fly fishing but I just love the flies. They are just as pretty as the real thing! (The one on the top left looks like a Mayfly -- the others represent other insects that I have long forgotten...)

And since we are talking flies.... we were at a Fourth of July party and this giant, massive guy flew in for the festivities. He is by far the largest fly I have ever seen. Unfortunately, even with my new high-speed internet, I haven’t been able to identify him!

His body is 1.625 inches long if you don’t count the wicked looking mouth parts (that honker is a full .125 inch by itself -- add that in and he is almost 2 inches long!). He is a dark brownish black with huge emerald green eyes. He is a big bad boy and was just a little bit scary when he invited himself to the party. I will keep looking to see if I can find out what he is but if anybody knows, let me know! Thanks!

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