Thursday, July 21, 2011

Eucalyptus - Alissa Duke

Eucalyptus leaves

There are over 700 species of eucalyptus and I don't know which one this is! It was growing locally and this sprig (not sure if that is the correct word) was given to me to draw. It is winter here in Australia, so there are not many eucalyptus in flower. The eucalypt dominates many Australian landscapes and is only absent (or at least reduced in diversity) in rainforests and truly arid environments.


  1. Great rendition of that sprig Alissa! Those little flower pods are perfect! You've inspired me to also do some Eucalyptus, here in South Africa we are similar to Australia as we have plenty of Blue gums, all originally from Australia, by the way.

  2. You are doing some AMAZING work, Alissa...this is wonderful.

  3. Beautiful. It makes me very homesick.


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