Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Shrike Hawking

I'm back from many weeks of being gone ..... filling my sketchbook along the way, but taking a sabbitical from posting.

I sketched this loggerhead shrike in Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming. Spring was slow in coming, but he (?) found a sunny slope that was alive with insects. We stayed the rest of the afternoon watching him catch one after another. I even saw him cough up a pellet, just as owls do. His was much smaller ... probably full of insect legs and other hard parts.

The shrike sat in the lone bush growning next to a small pond. Time and time again he flew out to catch an insect midair ... then he'd return to his perch. Occassionaly he'd move over to a large boulder to 'hawk' from. The next day he was gone, probably continuing on his way to his breeding grounds.


  1. Elva, welcome back! You were missed, and it's lovely to see your sketches again.

  2. Beautiful sketches! I love Yellowstone as well... nothing quite like it.

  3. Lovely sketches, especially the one in flight, cn never get those

  4. Yes, welcome back and post LOADS please!

  5. What a treat, Elva! I missed your posts. Welcome back!


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