Monday, June 6, 2011

Moth Fly - Laura Gillis

I know it has been a while since I have posted but I have been intent on getting some new pieces done for my show in August. I am way behind on my sculptures so I have been letting the sketching and blogging slide. I will try to do better!

These pretty little heart shaped flies are in the ladies room in our office building. I have never really thought about why you always see these in bathrooms, but one of my insect books says that the larvae of some species feed on the gunk in your drain trap (yuck!!!).... so that is why the adults are hanging out in the rest rooms. (I guess it's also little lesson that nature is everywhere!)

I have no idea what this other insect is... it looks like a large flying ant or a smallish wasp. I found several of these in some grass but even though I didn’t see an ant hill any where nearby, I am leaning toward the large flying ant.

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  1. Good to see you back, Laura! I always enjoy your insects...


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