Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Drawing female Stag Beetle

Drawing female Stag Beetle by apple-pine
Drawing female Stag Beetle, a photo by apple-pine on Flickr.

Lucanus cervus - female. We found one and after quick drawing session decided to deposit this wonderful subject far away from the road. On the way back we found a few more - marching towards the road ;)


  1. These are terrific, Nina, what pen are you using? Looks very crisp...

  2. Faber Castell pitt - S. It's easy to travel with this tool ;)
    Thanks, Kate!

  3. Yes, it is! I love my fountain pens, but they ARE a bit temperamental on airplanes. (Of course so were my Nexus pens, had to give them up...) The Pitt really gave you a clean, crisp line...

  4. Lovely sketches - looks like the beetle approved too:)

  5. I hope to find Uni pen here - Lapin is having a lot of fun with it and travels a lot ;)
    Will report on the results!

  6. Are you getting to sketch with Lapin?? What fun!


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