Tuesday, May 24, 2011

White Crowned Sparrows

Joseph spotted these at the shed (my little studio next door to our house that looks out onto a wooded hill), and I was delighted that they came back later and let me sketch them!  I keep a variety of bird books and our binoculars handy, so I was able to see them quite well...

I keep getting tiny, unfinished sketches of our hummingbirds, though!

Here are no end of images of the white crowned sparrow from Google...

I'm used to chipping sparrows and house sparrows so it's been fun seeing these different ones, like the White Throated Sparrow on Easter I sketched here.

You can see a photo comparison of these two on Marie Winn's blog, here.

I am REALLY enjoying the big French doors at the shed!


  1. I love the way you've captured the movements and expressions--nicely done.

  2. Bit late commenting Kate, but these are great.Believe it or not I have seen both White crowned and White Throated Sparrow here in Ireland.


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