Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Spring Tide - Pam Johnson Brickell

SpringTide by PJBee
Spring Tide, a photo by PJBee on Flickr.
The tides have been especially high the last few days. There's a full moon tonight and it's really been pulling some force with the sun on our ocean waters! Spring tides happen at the time of the full and new moons and high tides are extra high and low tides can be extra low.

The marsh grass is greening but last season's dead purple shoots are all you see at high tide. Beautiful colors in the marsh these days - especially at low tide.


  1. Oh this is really lovely, You got those fabulous 'greens' without it taking over. I like this alot. Pam

  2. You really captured the light and texture...

  3. Thank you Beads & Kate! I went out with hopes of a light and airy wc but came back with lots of pigment :) I'm happy that it looks good to your eyes!


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