Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Kingfisher Daisies - Maree

The happy bells shall ring Marguerite;
The summer birds shall sing Marguerite;
You smile but you shall wear
Orange blossoms in your hair, Marguerite.
- Thomas Bailey Aldrich

Felicia amelloides, Blue Marguerites, or Kingfisher Daisies, call them what you like, these beautiful little indigenous South African daisies provide colour and light-up the winter landscape like no other. Mine are just starting to flower now, as it's getting cold enough, and I just absolutely love picking bunches of these tiny flowers and displaying them in my toothpick holder!


  1. Such beautiful little flowers. They must be very tiny if you display them in a toothpick holder!

  2. Thanks PJ! They really DO look happy to me to in the garden!

  3. Thanks Sandy, yes they are, their stems can get quite long, 6" (15cm), but a whole bunch looks great in the toothpick holder with their stems cut shorter - in any other vase they just disappear!


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