Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Tulip Tree Buds and Seed Pod - Linda C. Miller


Here is a painting that I "started" in 2009.  I was going through my work to select a few pieces to bring up to the gallery and recalled that the buds and leaves were just coming out. So on my next walk on the Greensprings Trail --- I stopped, studied and photographed the spring green buds and leafs. 

I always felt something was missing but didn't know what it was until I had my photos back in the studio. 

Tulip trees thrive here in Virginia and it is one of our tallest trees.  Their seed pods are a true reminder that this wonderful tree is a member of the magnolia family.  Their flower petals are spring green with a large bright, bright orange stripe in the center.  The flowers are often hard to see for they grow at the top of the branches, way up in the sky!  It is always a joy to find a fallen petal on the path---the orange is among the brightest of oranges in the flora world.

Tulip Tree Seed Pod and Buds
Liriodendron tulipifera
Watercolor on 300 lb HP paper
Specimen: Williamsburg
Size: 12inches high by 8inches wide
copyright Linda C. Miller, 2011

Happy Painting, Linda
Linda C. Miller
Williamsburg, Virginia
Artist in Residence, The Elizabethan Gardens
Artist, Naturalist and Instructor


  1. I've seen tulip trees. You're right they are often so tall that we can't see the buds, flowers etc. Thanks for sharing this. It's wonderful.


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