Friday, April 8, 2011

Turkey Strutting

Trying to capture the iridescence on a tom turkey is hard! I started my little painting on a grey day …. But got rudely interrupted by too much activity, i.e. the turkey was on my side of the car and it was time for me to grab the camera and start taking pictures. My preference is for my husband to photograph and I get to sketch. He had most of the turkeys on his side of the car, but my tom was the one who found a willing hen.

So I started photographing. The light was quite grey and there was very little iridescence.

But we returned to the turkeys two days later and I got to finish what I had started. Such a challenge. We stayed parked in front of the turkeys for three hours so I got to paint and sketch to my heart’s content.

To see some photos too, go to my blog:


  1. Elva, your colour study has so much power, energy and character! It reminds me of a charging capercaillie I had the chance to study, and now I know how I should have painted it!I love it

  2. WOW, is he gorgeous! I've never seen a male display close enough to sketch!


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