Tuesday, April 26, 2011

sketchcrawl in Excelsior Springs

sketchcrawl in Missouri by vickylw
sketchcrawl in Missouri, a photo by vickylw on Flickr.

We drove to Missouri on Saturday for sketchcrawl, meeting in a small park on Lover's Lane that is more like the edge of the woods. I had intended to try to paint a loose landscape of the area, with either one of the foot bridges or a certain tree that has partly fallen across the path.

But there were so many wildflowers in bloom, they seemed to be begging to be sketched. Jeanette (aka Mistress of Longears) corrected me re: the rue anemone, telling me that it is called FALSE rue anemone.


  1. I keep meaning to sketch ALL the wildflowers in that park, and keep failing. You made a wonderful start on it, these are perfect. Something about the limestone bluff and north-facing hill really makes for a gorgeous spring display there...

  2. It would be hard to capture them all --- there would always be one missed --- but I love comparing the various forms. I love that park's peacefulness.

  3. I do too! It's also a Missouri Natural Area, and I'm pleased to be able to say I was instrumental in earning it that title. I wish I could still climb those hills, there is SO much to see up in the woods.

  4. OK, next time you need to point me in the right direction so I can see the rest! And thank you for your part of it staying so natural.

  5. I will! There's a path up the hill right near the shelterhouse where we park, and one down at the east end. Then a wild path follows the hills just below the top, paralleling the limestone bluffs. LOVELY.

    You should have heard me holler then when wanted to put in the asphalt walking path...which I now love, of course. <:-D

  6. The asphalt would certainly help keep my stool's feet from sinking in the mud!


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