Sunday, April 24, 2011

Live Oak Shadows - Pam Johnson Brickell

Live Oak Shadows by PJBee
Live Oak Shadows, a photo by PJBee on Flickr.
It's golf tournament time once again. I love watching the players but love making watercolor sketches even more :)

Happy Easter!


  1. At a golf tournament, I'd be sketching rather than watching the tournament too. Wonderful painting.

  2. Fabulous piece. I'd be sketching too, or at least wondering where the best scenery was.

  3. Yeah, I'd be sketching too, if I even was there! lol! Great page Pam, just love the shadows!

  4. Thank you everyone! This golf course is beautiful. I only get to see it during tournament time. To play a round costs anywhere from $145 to $250/pp depending on time of day/year. Ouch!

  5. I like the contrast of shadows on the ground against the light sunny areas. Nice sketch


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