Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Full OOPs Moon

Oops, I added the script too late last night,(last month was the Lenten Moon) this month is the Full Pink Moon, or Grass Moon or Egg Moon or among coastal tribes the Full Fish Moon. With all the flooding it should be the Full Flood Moon.
Sunday night was cloudy with more rain in the forecast but I did catch glimpses of the moon occasionally, and the coastal marsh was in flood stage, much of the sea grass under water.
Sandra Rice


  1. Very nice coloring, and reflection. Beautiful.

  2. It's beautiful in any case! We've had odd weather, too...still gray...

  3. It IS lovely Sandy! When I went for a visit to the toilet last night, the bathroom was bathed in bright moonlight, didn't even need to switch on the light! Lovely sketch!

  4. Bravo! I thought of you and hoped one of us would be capturing this moon!
    I love your use of white for the copy.


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