Wednesday, April 20, 2011

driftwood sculptures-Concetta Flore

There is a beach in Tuscan region of Maremma, where big pine tree trunks are scattered about, bleached by the sun, scorched to the bone by the sea. The place is called "Skeleton beach" and people have the tradition of standing up the trunks like totems, when feasible, or buiding teepees or other creative compositions with them. Its fun to see how they acquire a new position and, therefore, a meaning. Sometimes its truly fascinating how casual and intentional compositions bond together.
The first watercolour was done near sunset; the second was a charcoal sketch that I coloured later. I think the contorted root attracted my upset mind, since I'd just busted my camera, for good. dangerous!


  1. Oh, sorry about the camera! Sand is awful on electronic equipment. However the watercolors are beautiful!!

  2. What a fascinating place, and beautiful sketches! And no, I expect sand wouldn't be good. I had a digital camera caught in the wash of a wave, but when it dried thoroughly, it worked for another few years, to my surprise!

  3. Concetta compliments this watercolours are really evocative!Belli!!

  4. thank you allo of you for the kind comments.


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