Wednesday, March 23, 2011

What the cat brought in!

Every Spring I have a problem with the cat's catching lizards, they never kill them , just bring them into the kitchen to play with. Lizards being lizards, the first thing they do on being caught is to let their tail go, so I rarely see one with a complete tail. They are an easy mark at this time of year, as they are still sluggish, being cold blooded and sunshine scarce. Despite the name, Common Lizard, they are far from common in Ireland these days, so I feel very priveleged that there is a healthy population in my area.


  1. Phil, that's a great post! We have little lizards like this too, but mostly not in town where I live. I see them out in the country...

  2. Nice painting of the lizard. We have them and the dogs spend hours chasing them. Thang goodness they seldom catch one.

  3. I like your lizards, Phil .... not sure I'd want them disappearing into my house, but I'm always trying to get close outside.


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