Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Nesting Controversy

One of my favorite birds has been frequently checking out nest boxes, visiting the berries in the holly and privet, stopping for a drink at the bird bath, and generally making me smile with song and chatter.  The Eastern bluebird is truly a joy to have around.
Yesterday, I glanced out the window and noticed a ruckus at the favorite limb of the nesting Eastern phoebes.    The male phoebe often perches in that spot while he watches over the nest-building activities of the female.  They have selected the shelf of the gazebo for their nesting site again this year and the female has been busy at work for a week now.  

The male bluebird persisted for a moment, then moved on to a more distant perch.  I hate that!  I want them to get along.  Still wishing for bluebird residents in my nest box!

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  1. What lovely little birds! You captured him beautifully...

  2. Beautiful little birds. There's something so calming about watching birds go about their business.


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