Friday, March 4, 2011

Cormorants at Plat I

A few days ago we went to a little reservoir near here for a walk. Fortunately I had my fanny pack on with a little sketchbook and paint.

Winter gray sky. Winter gray water. No breeze. Quiet on this small reservoir, Plat I (‘I’ is pronounced ‘eye’). A gathering of slow swimming cormorants ease across the quiet water, cutting silver streaks. They remind me of a group of sophisticated snobs promenading along a river walkway. Their noses are in the air; their gait unhurried; all flowing in one direction. One has been fishing and now holds his wings aloft for a couple of minutes as he swims with the rest. A great blue heron strokes by, heading in the opposite direction.


  1. Saw these on your blog.. still love this picture and story.

  2. I love cormorants AND herons, thank you for sharing this, Elva.

  3. Love this, Elva. You caught that heron flight beautifully.


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