Friday, March 4, 2011


My brother, Mark, in Tucson has a frequent feline visitor to his patio. His lovely home is very near the Rincon Mountains and the open desert Saguaro National Park , (lucky) so he gets lots of "visitors". We had hoped to catch sight of her while visiting last month. Mark believes she is pregnant this year - sure do wish she could bring the cubs to visit.
So - I posted from pictures (hope that's ok). I knew I could not capture her full beauty, but it was fun trying.


  1. How neat is that, I LOVE your sketch, Gay. Thank you for posting...

  2. How lucky to get peeks at a bobcat. And if she does bring her youngsters around the would really be a treat. Lovely sketch page!

  3. How fortunate they are able to watch a bobcat. That is a rare experience for most of us. Your sketch captures the wonderful cat.

  4. Great page. I know that area well and your brother is very lucky!


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