Saturday, February 26, 2011

Stories in the Snow

It's easy to read the stories in the snow...tracks and signs stand out as if written on a white page.

I know that a raccoon visited my back deck, and dug his way to a warm den under the porch.

I know that the bread crumbs we put out were very popular...quilted stitching in the snow tells of dozens of small birds that celebrated our offering when we weren't looking.

I took the time to sketch this page a few weeks and four snows ago...


  1. I love the "quilted stitching in the snow" description. Their tiny tracks DO look like the crazy quilt stitches of my grandma's.

  2. Lovely page Kate and I'm positive everybody was SO thankful for your offerings!

  3. Absolutely fascinating Kate ! Coming from a non-snow place (Sydney, Australia) I find the descriptions of the birds and animals that visit you are amazing. I love the warmth of the fence posts and the shadows cast against them

  4. Thanks all! Last night we had to put our dinner out for the wildlife...those catfish nuggets were just a bit TOO old, ick. So I got to photograph and sketch raccoons later...lousy photos, in the dark, but fun anyway.

    We do have a lot of critters here, Alissa...I used to love to take long walks in the snow to read all the stories. And the shadows on my fence capture my attention frequently, thank you!

  5. I loved seeing the squirrels had gone just that far and no farther! Thank you Linda...


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