Thursday, February 24, 2011

Moths - Laura Gillis

Just a couple this morning....
A Tiger Moth. I'm not sure how this looks like a tiger but that was it's name.

And then the very bark-like Obscure Underwing.

Ink & watercolor in the Moleskine Bug Journal


  1. WOW, Laura, that underwing is amazing--looks so velvety.

  2. Those are wonderful sketches of the moths. I have admired the Tiger Moth and wondered how it got its name.

  3. Your underwing reminds me of one I photograhed last summer and mean to paint someday. Your is beautiful and rich.

  4. Gorgeous sketches Laura! I managed to photograph a HUGE Speckled Emperor Moth in my garden the other day,, clinging to the Restio grass and also mean to get around to sketching it. this has inspired me to do so!


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