Monday, February 21, 2011

Male Common Yellowthroat by Linda C. Miller

Male Common Yellowthroat
Watercolor on HP Paper
Image Size 12 inches high by 10 inches wide
Specimen photographed at Bodie Island Lighthouse
Copyright Linda C. Miller, 2011

Here is a painting of my favorite warbler taken at the Bodie Island Lighthouse last November. We were walking on the boardwalk when my husband spotted this little fellow. With my 300mm Nikon lense in hand, I took over 40 pictures while he bathed and fluttered among the reeds. I had done several studies that I  posted earlier and here is my first painting with others to follow! 

Also, I am studying with James Warwick Jones who is helping me so much with composition.  When we looked over this piece, he said that it reminded him of a painting by Durer called "A clump of grass", a painting that I have long admired as a naturalist and a botanical artist.  When we looked at the various matting/cropping options there was one that I had not considered and works so well for this piece.  This work will be matted leaving all of the "white space" (a bit more than this image shows).  

Thank you for stopping by, Linda
Linda C. Miller
Artist, Naturalist, Instructor
Williamsburg, Virginia


  1. Your warbler is just great! I very much admire the painting, Linda.


  2. Stunning painting. My main complaint with most bird paintings is they capture the colour and plummage but not the personality of the bird and you end up with the painted equivalent of a stuffed specimen. Not so with this painting, you've captured the quiet cockiness of the warbler perfectly.

  3. Dear Terri, Carolynn and Peter,

    I saw my first male commonthroat two years ago - after awaiting a year to find him. He is not as common as I wish! I look forward to his return in the spring and to here his song.

    Thank you again, Linda


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