Saturday, January 1, 2011

Hermit Thrush

Oregon Coast: Frost last night and unusally cold this morning. Two hermit thrushes keep popping out of dense salal bushes and out into open grass to forage. They are fluffed into round balls, keeping cozy with their wonderful ability to insulate. I seldom get to see more than a glimpse of a hermit thrush. In the springtime their melodious song gives their presence away, but they are still illusive. I don't know what food source is bringing them out into the open, but I'm delighted.


  1. I visited the Adirondack Park years ago, and heard the song of the hermit thrush- I was told later. I froze and stood listening in religious silence until it ended. I've never heard anything so spiritual and eerie in my life, and although our european blackbird is a marvellous singer, I hope I will hear it again. Thank you for showing me the author of the masterpiece!

  2. Oh Elva, how lovely! That's one of my favorite birds' songs...I'd love to see one like that.


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