Sunday, January 23, 2011

Eurasian Oystercatcher

Oystercatcher are a very common shorebird around the Irish coast, both winter and summer. They often spend a lot of time ,between feeding bouts, just sitting around with their heads tucked under their wing. This gives an opportunity to get a few sketches without them constantly moving.


  1. Do you live in Ireland? We have oyster catchers here too off the coast of North Carolina. I love their red beaks. Wonderful study Linda

  2. Wonderful to be able to get sketches like this, Phil! I'd love to see them...

    I added your name to the labels so people can find all your posts, by the way! They'll want to, I know.

  3. Oystercatchers are beautiful in their sharp contrast and interesting shapes.I have painted them in Scotland, years ago, but you sometimes can see them passing through Italy during migration.
    Good studies.

  4. We have them on the Gulf Coast of Florida, too. Love these birds. Lovely studies.


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