Thursday, January 20, 2011

birds nest - Alissa Duke

Birds nest - unknown bird.

I am going to research which bird this belongs to. It was found on the ground (empty) in Toowoomba, Queensland, Australia and was given to me to draw. It is about 10 cm high and 15 cm wide and is made up of the most amazing material - lots of paperbark, sticks, some strands of coloured cotton and stuffing of some type (wool or nylon?) .

I have been very precious in transporting it, but just realised this evening when I was sketching it, that it is really very sturdy, almost solid at the base.

I am going to be drawing this again in the future - some more studies and in detail. Also I will draw the bird at the Museum if I find out which bird it belongs to! Another project for me .....


  1. Alissa, you do wonderful work with watercolor pencils! This is delightful. Hope you find out what kind of nest it is...

  2. nice sketch, it gives back all the fluffiness...

  3. Aren't bird nests a marvel! Imagine being given some tweesers and a basket full of materials and being told to build a nest! Your drawings are lovely.

  4. Fascinating structure, and I love how you capture that!

  5. This is lovely! The image and description of it sound almost like a hummingbird's nest. Could that be it?

  6. thanks ! - leslie, I can say that it is definitely not a hummingbird - I am in Austraia and we don't have them here. I am hoping to send a photo of it to a local natural history museum and ask them


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