Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Xmas from Concetta-Rome-Italy

Hello everybody,
my name is Concetta Flore and I'm a nature shetcher/illustrator from Rome.
I've been kindly invited to join this lovely blog and I gladly contribute with this lichen, that I drew at home after picking up the broken branch from the ground.
The colours look Chrismassy enough...
If you put dried-up lichens into water they really refresh and come back to life!
They're so beautiful and intricate, aren't they?
Just to remind us how beauty can be found in  almost everything Nature creates !
Enjoy your holidays !


  1. Hi Concetta! Beautifull lichen, thanks for your useful suggestion! I agree with you, wonderfull Nature!

  2. Welcome, Concetta! This is a beautiful piece!

  3. Beautiful, Concetta, and thank you for joining us! I'm looking forward to much more of your work.

  4. Hi Concetta! Your lichen sketch is simply LOVELY! That red background compliments the soft greens so well!

  5. thanks Debo, and all, actually backgrounds can make the difference between reproducing and interpreting. Dealing with nature we don't want to change its shapes and lines, but the rest of the sheet can be left to our imagination, creativity and freedom...


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