Friday, December 17, 2010

Gum Leaves - Alissa Duke

Gum leaves picked up in the Royal Botanic Gardens Sydney. I sat down and drew the view of the city from the gardens last Saturday and picked up a few gum leaves to draw. I am working on a project where I want to have the gum leaf (or flower or bark) in colour/ detail in the foreground and then a view from the Gardens in the background. After many suggestions from the wonderful flickr and EDM community I have a few experiments to make with colour/ pencil etc. Here are two .

I love many colours of gum leaves . The colours seem to occur when the leaves have dropped onto the ground. Their bark can be spectacular too

gumleaf - watercolour pencil

background - HB pencil

gum leaf - watercolour pencil

background - Derwent Coloured pencil Blue Grey. Harder and tonal on left. Soft line on right


  1. Alissa, this is such an effective approach! I love the colorful leaves against the black and white drawings.

  2. We're slowly morphing toward fall (after the miserably dry and hot summer we've had, fall will be sought after more dearly than usual) and can look forward to the many forms the end of summer brings. I love the idea of looking for the beautiful, even among the less than beautiful parts the season summer has been seen through rather normal lens. I'll be looking more deeply at the more ordinarily beautiful aspects of the close of summer, particularly as it impacts my city.


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