Friday, December 24, 2010

Best Wishes of the Season

This was my view this morning, as the daylight overcame the dark, the hill and forest were blue, snow was falling, and my neighbor's lights up the hill just peeked through the branches...peace and joy to all of you...


  1. This is gorgeous!!
    Merry Christmas to you and your sweetie! ;)

  2. A beautiful peek at our Christmassy world!

  3. Amazing - how you bring those twigs and branches to life!

  4. Beautiful and eerie, so wonderfully captured and dynamic! All of you are so talented and so prolific...
    Thank you, Kate for such a gathering of talents on this blog. It was the best discovery of 2010 for me and I look forward to all the inspiration it will provide through 2011.
    Happy Holidays!

  5. Thank you both! Chris, I am DELIGHTED. Yes, we've got some incredible artists here, two new ones just this week--Maria Elena Ferrari and Concetta Flore, both from Italy.

  6. Cathy, this one is one of my favorites. So much detail and you make it look effortless!


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