Monday, November 22, 2010

A few sketches from my big trip - Part 1

Hi Everyone – sorry that I have been absent for SO long... My big trip around the world this year has taken up a lot of my spare time both before and afterwards (I have a lot of scanning to do) Most of my trip was in urban environments and so I got very little nature sketching done – in fact I didn’t even manage a hike when in Scotland (‘a hill walk” as they call it).. so my nature sketching for the trip consist in a few quick sketches of a few spectacular natural features and landscapes that I came across.

My first stop was visiting friends in Seattle – they wanted to show me something different so on my first full day in the States they took me west to the Grand Coulee – the largest waterfall in the world without water. It was very impressive!!!!
Grand Coulee
Grand Coulee 01
Grand Coulee 02

It was a 200 mile drive and since we had spent a leisurely morning having breakfast in a tearoom (I wonder whose idea that was?) we didn’t arrive there till 5.30 in the afternoon. I therefore didn’t have time to sketch except for what I could do from the back seat of the car! As it was we didn’t get home till 11.30pm that night.
0726MO_03 Mt St Helens View
Sketching Mt St Helens
Two days later they took me down to Mt St Helens – wow! The devastation caused by the volcanic eruption back in the 80s is mind blowing. We did a hike for a few miles and this time I was able to position myself on a nice steep-ish slope and do a quick sketch before heading back.

Next post I will share some of my Scottish sketches (just have to finishing scanning them all first!)


  1. Great sketches, Liz, I feel as if I were there with you. Mt. St. Helens is really bleak, still!

  2. Great sketches! Fun to see where are in that massive environment!

  3. Great travel sketches. I look forward to seeing more.

  4. Your sketches are always so light, colorful and pleasant to view. Living in the Seattle metropolitan area I can still remember hearing Mt St Helen explore May 1985 (I think that's the year.) It's beautiful to view when the skies are clear.


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