Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Oregon Coast

The Oregon Coast was magical on this day. When we arrived the sun hadn’t won its battle with the coastal fog, but it had thinned it, allowing milky rays to sink deep into the forest. Spiders had been busy near the ground. Each strand of their cobwebs captured droplets of dew; dew which sparkled in the soft light. I sketched the trees quickly while my husband photographed.

Later the sun thinned even more and we could see the high surf breaking on the outer reef at Shell Island overlook. I estimate the plumes of spray reached 50-70 feet into the air. On calm days that outer string of rocks can be covered with seals and sea lions, but on this day the few that were visible had inched their way above the crashing surf on nearer rocks. The tops of the higher rocks were decorated with cormorants and a few pelicans.


  1. I love this combination of words and images, Elva, beautifully done...

  2. Gorgeous sketches! Portrays all the things to love about the Oregon coast, and no rain!


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