Friday, November 19, 2010


A few days ago I helped some friends pick olives and was amazed by the range of colours they display: different hues of yellow, green, red, purple and blue. A feast for the eyes.
I brought home a few twigs, only to discover they dry up too fast to do a good study. And to learn that is why you have to bring your olives to the oil-mill within days of picking.
Here are the two species we picked. I know the top one is called rosciola, due to its reddish hue, I presume (rosso = red). I don't know about the bottom one, not surprising, giving there are about 500 autochthonous species in Italy.


  1. These look luscious...I had NO idea there were so many different kinds.

  2. Beautiful!!! What an opportunity, to help with the harvest!


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