Monday, November 22, 2010

'Kangaroo at the zoo - Alissa Duke

I visited Taronga Zoo in Sydney on Saturday and spent the entire day sketching. I have mixed feelings about zoos . However, the educational value of them could be heard and observed in the many locals and tourists comments.

I am only posting my Australian animal sketches here. They were definitely in their natural habitat. We were there at midday, so most of the animals in the walkthrough bush area were laying down, resting in the shade. Even when they were resting the animals moved a bit, usually just when I started sketching them! But I was so happy to finally draw wildlife.

There were a few different sorts of wallabies and kangaroos and there was a guide to explain and answer questions

Here are my kangaroos.


  1. Love these sketches. They give a real sense of being there, of laying in the shade...:)

  2. Beautiful Alissa! And yes, I've found that even sleeping animals move, some--just as I start to sketch!

  3. Your 'roos' look wonderfully laid back ... nice sketching.


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