Saturday, October 23, 2010

Oak Leaf and Acorns - Lin Frye

Oak Leaf and Acorns
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With the bit of rain we've had and the almost-frosty nights and bright sunshiney days, we are finally beginning to see a bit of red in the landscape.

This oak leaf and acorns were painted during our mountain trip last weekend. We were in higher elevations (2,500 feet) so there was a bit more red there than at the same time here at home (elevation approx. 325F).

What I love about sketching and painting leaves is the wonderful challenge of folds, color merges, shadows, form. And while all of these aspects are challenges in larger works, somehow they seem more acute on such a small, single object. Fun!

We had a good painting day yesterday - and I even managed to can some apple sauce and dry another nine trays of apples -- YUM! Getting ready for the winter to be sure.

The sun is still snuggly asleep as I write this morning, and the heater is going full blast. My radio station says we're in the low 40sF .... but we're expecting highs in the 70sF today --- heat in the morning, air conditioning in the afternoon -- whew!

Lin Frye
North Carolina


  1. Lovely composition and rich colors, Lin. I agree that those folds, angles, crinkles, and shadows seem more concentrated when we focus on one or two small objects. We're having a wide range of temps here too - about 35 degree difference from lows to highs. Hot today!

  2. I am actually looking forward to snuggling in this winter, because I will have the room to have a big art space table to spread out on and leave my work set up. altho I love the heat of summer and wish it lasted longer I do love the hot wood stove Len just installed yesterday. Your deep rich leaves get me excited about the possibilities.
    peace n abundance,

  3. These are just too lovely Lin! Whenever I see an Oak, I specially stop to see if I can pick up a few! Beautifully done!

  4. Very rich and expressive. You do such a nice job with shadows.


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