Monday, October 18, 2010

gum nuts and leaves - Alissa Duke

A twig of gumnuts and leaves that I picked up off the ground at the Blue Montains in the weekend.

The Blue Mountains is a two hour train ride from Sydney. The towns and villages inthe Blue Mountains all feel very European - conifers, azaleas, houses with chimneys (it snowed there very briefly on the weekend) . But when you look out over the valley and out into the distance it
is purely Australian ! The rugged cliffs, ranges and eucalyptus go on forever and are beautiful.
I didn''t get a chance to draw the mountains while I was there so I took this twig home and drew it. Not sure what type of gum tree - a very tall one is all that I can guess

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  1. I love this, Alissa! I remember your previous gumnuts drawing, too, what a great pair.


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