Saturday, September 4, 2010

Season's Turning - Lin Frye

Season's Turning
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Dashing around town before Jodi came for our paint day, I was struck again by the changes in the landscape. Day by day the vibrancy of the trees and shrubs has been slowly fading, and yesterday I noticed a distinctive yellowing of more and more leaf color. Though September usually marks a beginning of seasonal change, the drought we have continued to experience has hastened its arrival - despite the high temperatures. Unless we get significant rain (we are down 6"), leaf drop will be early and the usual blaze of color will be a mere memory.

Still, this painting was done from a photo I took when I stopped by our local library yesterday. A water collection ditch runs along its side and so perhaps it has had a bit more moisture than other parts of our landscape. Behind me is a large collection of cattails, but this small field was chock-full of wonderful textures, colors, and all sorts of wild plants. I've enhanced the quantity of the Queen Anne's Lace ...and most of those were brown - but here and there, tiny white daisylike flowers made a showing, along with yellow tickseed. Looking at view though, one would never guess you were standing in a parking lot! LOL

It's a three-day weekend as we celebrate Labor Day on Monday! Today I will play a bit in the garden as the weeds are having a good time depite the lack of rain .... and it's time to cut back the spent flowers and stalks.

Hope your weekend is terrific!


  1. Lin, this is stunning. Love the shrub shapes you've created.

  2. The lovely thing about being an artist is you can edit out those things you don't want to include! This is beautiful, Lin, and you WOULD never guess it's a parking lot!<;-)

  3. Gorgeous painting. You have captured so many interesting things and given quite a sense of depth. This is wonderful.

  4. Wonderful landscape - and I too hope that fall doesn't arrive too early L

  5. tHANK YOU ALL SO VERY MUCH!!! I LOVe this unusual spot!


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