Sunday, September 12, 2010

Maple leaf - Lin Frye

Maple leaf
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Yes - the leaves are actually these colors --- not all - but at least one-third of our canopy has already changed leaf color and has begun dropping leaves.

We've had several days of cooler nights, and last night a good soaking rain ..coupled with the last years and the last few months of drought, this fall promises to be mighty early.

Lin Frye
North Carolina


  1. I think maple trees and dogwoods are too of the prettiest trees in an autumn landscape that ranges from that lovely orange to deep burgundy. Love your sketch. Do not see much of that here on the central Gulf Coast of Florida...but the russet colors of the marshes in the fall and winter are wonderful, too.

  2. What beautiful colours! I love the Autumn. We have the most beautiful toadstools appearing around our part of the world at the moment :0)

  3. Beautiful! High in the mountains where we are (9600ft), the tops of the aspen trees are also turning to a warm gold tone...Soon the entire slopes will be glowing. I'll try to paint them this year. Interesting to share the looks of FAll in different parts of the country.

  4. I'm amazed you have such color already! It's beautiful...

  5. Thank you all so much ... I know there are many more trees to turn colors -- but the drought is affecting our leaf color so much this year....

  6. This is beautiful, such strong colors.

  7. I just discovered this blog.....what a fantastic find! I love to paint autumn leaves too!


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