Monday, September 6, 2010

Happy Labor Day

Happy Labor Day, Dwarf Pomegranate
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I am always poking around - typing in botanical art and seeing what "pops up". This week I am updating my resume and drafting a write up to accompany this painting that will be included in the Peninsula Fine Art Center's 2010 Biennial Exhibition starting this October in Newport News, Virginia.

I just love this excerpt and thought that I would share it with you, especially since it is Labor Day. And those of us who paint botanicals, know that it is a "labor of love"!

“A great botanical artist must have a passion for flowers. You can set a good architectural draughtsman to draw a flower, and he will give you – if he thinks the subject is worthy of effort – a careful study of the plant before him. But unless he loves what he is drawing, unless he knows his flower in all its moods, in all its stages of development, there will be something lacking in his work.” from The Art of Botanical Illustration An Illustrated History by Wilfred Blunt

Happy Labor Day, Linda

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