Sunday, August 8, 2010

It's that time of year

It's that time of year...

when all the golden yellow wildflowers bloom and I get confused. Every year, I try to sort them out but memory does nto improve. So, here we have Helianthus, the one with the fancy backside and leaves that are simpe and opposite. And with her is Ratibida pinnata with the extraordinary central cone of the fibonaci arrangement that lasts beautifully all winter long. Don't worry if you forget; I'll be sorting this out all over again NEXT year! :-)


  1. What a nice painting. Your commentary made me laugh at myself. I do the same thing.When I walk with my friend who knows wildflowers well I ask her over and over what they are and then I have to look them up. I do the same thing with her and birds. I tell her every spring etc what it is we are seeing.

  2. Or hearing! I KNOW I know their songs, but can't remember what the heck some of them are.

    These are gorgeous, Jeanette...whatever they are. *G*

  3. Hah! You and me both on the yellow flowers, especially those from the Composite family - they're the reason I am not a botanist! Great sketches!

  4. Lovely illustrations. I'll believe whatever you tell me they are !


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