Tuesday, August 3, 2010


I haven't had enough time to sketch this summer, since we're building a tiny studio in the lot next door--but every morning I sit on the little deck with my coffee and watch the birds and squirrels and other wildlife before starting my workday.

This is a young volunteer mulberry, which attracts many visitors when it's in fruit.  Mostly, it's just a quick stop on the squirrels' superhighway, between the woods behind us and the neighbor's oak tree.

We have fox squirrels and grays here, normally not at the same time--and of course they have lots of names, in different parts of the country.  My husband calls our reds, Sciurus niger, a red squirrel, but it's a fox squirrel to me.  (This little guy with the big ear tufts is what Wikipedia calls a red squirrel.  He's Sciurus vulgaris.)

They can BOTH cause a lot of damage, as they have at our old cabin, chewing the red cedar trim...

I guess I won't keep a feeder too close to the new shed...don't want a repeat of this!  They've gnawed the screens right down to the nails that hold them together...


  1. Oh my That would be dreadful.I not been by the studio blog is a bit..... are you in and working? Linda

  2. Great transparent colours Kate, lovely sketch. We know you've been busy, been following your building progress and, although it is "small", I'm sure it's been a mammoth task!

  3. Thanks, all! And Linda, not yet...we just got the floor painted day before yesterday, and still need to add the baseboards, etc.

    It has been a LOT more complex than I imagined or planned for, Maree!

  4. OOh - i love squirrels.. I know they can cause immense damage to lovely studios and the environment, BUT we don;t have squirrels in Australia, so they are a novelty to me. I lived in the UK for 18 months and I thought it was great to see them, Even now, if I see a leaf blowing across a park, I double check it is not a squirrel !!

  5. I love them too, Alissa, thank you--they're so lively and alert! Much more energetic than our rabbits, usually.

  6. sounds like you are getting close....Linda

  7. Yes, we are, Linda! Lots of small details that seem like they should take half a day but we're still putzing with them a week later. Still, I DO work out there, I just don't feel settled yet.


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