Thursday, August 19, 2010

Hydrangea Macrophylla - Linda C. Miller

I started this piece with a cutting from The Elizabethan Gardens in the Outer Banks where I teach and then did a "photo" finish!   I used Prussian Blue and New Gambouge with a touch of Permanent Rose for the greens and the Periwinkle Blue was created with French Ultramarine and Permanent Rose - Winsor Newton.

I used a No. 4 Sable Series #7 Winsor Newton brush for the entire piece. I am amazed at how fine a line this "all in one" brush will make.  Honestly - you only need one brush to do the work that I do and it took me two years to find it.

Lace-cap Bigleaf Hydrangea
 Hydrangea Macrophylla
Specimen: The Elizabethan Gardens, 2010
Original Watercolor on 300 lb HP Paper
Size: 7 inches wide by 5 inches high


Linda C. Miller
Williamsburg, Virginia
Artist, Naturalist and Instructor


  1. Wow, this is so beautiful and delicate. And thanks for the tip on your all in one brush. I've been looking for something similar so I will definitely look into it.

  2. Thank you Kate and Carolyn...

    If you work by layering in soft smooth washes - that brush is a gem. I used a sythetic/sable mix for two years and it two a few days to get the feel for the new brush. It holds so much wash and yet it can also lay down fine, fine lines. Priceless! Linda


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